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Laser Circumcision at Medico Global Clinic

Medico Global’s Laser Circumcision is a surgery where a doctor removes excess foreskin from the penis with a surgical laser. The use of a laser in surgery confers a number of advantages, including reduced bleeding, neater wound sites, and faster healing. Lasers cauterize as they cut, and the patient should experience minimal bleeding only. After the surgery, a few dissolvable stitches are necessary to hold the tissue in place while it heals.

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A local anesthesia is included to reduce physical and psychological pain. Medico Global uses state of the art, hygienic equipment plus high-end absorbable sutures to leave minimal scarring. 

After 5 to 7 days, your son can go to the clinic for post-treatment consultation free of charge.



Aside from its cultural importance, circumcision is also important because the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends it as a way to lessen the risk of certain STD’s and HIV infection.

It’s also a treatment for pathologic phimosis and urinary tract infection.


Circumcision Medical Tourism in the Philippines


A lot of our kababayan during their holidays in the Philppines include in their bucket list a laser circumcision for their young boys and derma services for the girls.

With the rising sky-high health care cost of medical care in the first world countries, countries like the Philippines are promoting medical-tourism industries. 


Medical tourism involves traveling to other countries to obtain health care. 

We recommend to book for an early appointment with us.

Laser Circumcision at Medico Global Clinic